1. N

    Puerto Rico through an X-T10 + 35mm F/1.4 (and a Dicapac WP-S3)

    On vacation in PR this week. Brought along my X-T10 + 35mm F/1.4 combo. Added a Dicapac WP-S3 to my bag for some extra fun, shooting in water. Here's a selection of what I've taken so far. More to come as the vacation progresses.
  2. flysurfer

    Fuji "The Fujifilm X-T10 – 115 X-Pert Tips" is ready for download

    The wait is over, as my new book on the X-T10 is finally available for download in all formats. By buying directly from Rocky Nook, you'll get three versions for the price of one: PDF, iBook and Kindle, all DRM-free for your convenience. Plus, you'll get 50% off the regular price if you use...