1. flysurfer

    Fuji Showcase X10 Sample Images

    I have been revisiting X10 images from the past with today's RAW processing technology. DSCF0507 by Rico Pfirstinger, on Flickr
  2. SIJ - Day 24

    SIJ - Day 24

    My last photo for SIJ. My apologies to everyone for having really slacked off. I was going home from work, walking down to the underground garage. This is a reflection shot off one of those mirrors/reflectors placed around the corner of stairwells, so that people don't run into each other. Or...
  3. SIJ - Day 19

    SIJ - Day 19

    The clouds were very dramatic that night. Although you can't see it as well due to the B&W conversion. I took this photo with the "pro low light" mode in the X10. It was night time, very low light. Even with the "pro low light" mode and ISO 3200, the shutter speed was 1/9...
  4. SIJ - Day 17

    SIJ - Day 17

    The hallway leading to my office on the 32nd floor. My office is the very last door at the end of the hallway. The place is a mess. I switched to that office about a year ago. But haven't unpacked everything yet!
  5. SIJ - Day 14

    SIJ - Day 14

    Converted this one to black and white. This photo was taken from the same place I took the Day 7 photo -- Houston Arboretum. I really liked the reflections on this one. If I had a polarizer, it would have worked better. Next time.
  6. SIJ - Day 12

    SIJ - Day 12

    Catching up on my slackerness now! Photo from my office looking onto the freeway. So much for "free" way eh? Lots of traffic. And yes, I was able to recreate the white discs on this long exposure photo! :)
  7. SIJ - Day 30

    SIJ - Day 30

    On the beach. Just FYI, that white thing is a mooring buoy. And I must apologize, I edited the picture very slightly and tried to not lose the two thoughtful comments from Mark and Antonio. This just shows you how insane I can be about tweaking my pictures ad nauseum. ;-) I'll copy...
  8. SIJ - Day 29

    SIJ - Day 29

    An arrow amidst the shadows... Seen taking my dog for our constitutional this morning.
  9. SIJ 28- Dinner

    SIJ 28- Dinner

    I was going to post something else, but at the last minute went some of Sushi we ha this evening, Spanish Mackerel on the left, baby Squid on the right, both wild flown in from Japan. Color Efex, HDR, :Lens (mm): 9.3 ISO: 1600 Aperture: 2.8 Shutter: 1/75 Exp. Comp.: 0.0
  10. SIJ - Day 28

    SIJ - Day 28

    Milton Point in Rye, New York
  11. SIJ - Day 27

    SIJ - Day 27

    Late afternoon...the wind shifted and I'm guessing a high pressure system has begun to move in... With the rain and fog cleared, I jumped in the car and headed to see what was happening at the water...but I've chosen this slightly off the water shot...with the gulls at play around Old Glory.
  12. SIJ - Day 26

    SIJ - Day 26

    The Dragon Coaster...off season at Playland Amusement Park. Seen through the fence and processed in Snapseed for Mac.
  13. SIJ - Day 25

    SIJ - Day 25

    The inlet off of Long Island Sound at Playland Amusement Park in Rye, New York... That's some kind of ride over there on the right - but I have no idea which one. Generally speaking I'm really only a ferris wheel rider...and sometimes the carousel. ;-)
  14. SIJ - Day 24

    SIJ - Day 24

    The highlight for me of living where we live - access to the water, specifically Long Island Sound. My dog and I went down for a walk in the later afternoon today... We are looking towards Playland Amusement Park...which was declared a National Historic Landmark in 1987. I decided to...
  15. SIJ - Day 23

    SIJ - Day 23

    This is a familiar haunt of mine - today it's a snow garden.
  16. SIJ - Day 22

    SIJ - Day 22

    A "serious" self-portrait. While waiting around for a bit at a friend's house, I decided to try to make the most of their beautiful mirror. ;-) Although I had one where I was looking a little more like my friendly self, I liked this take the best. P.S. That little squiggle is...
  17. SIJ - Day 21

    SIJ - Day 21

    The first snow of the winter!
  18. SIJ - Day 20

    SIJ - Day 20

    Just had to have a late lunch at my favorite spot...where I love their coffee. I love to sit there and watch the light.
  19. SIJ - Day 19

    SIJ - Day 19

    A string of Christmas lights, still with us.
  20. SIJ - Day 18

    SIJ - Day 18

    I walk by this lovely old apartment building everyday...and today there were two flags flying. I believe they were still up from Martin Luther King Day. I cropped this and did my own "manual" fix for the distortion caused by the wide angle. I really need to learn how to figure out...
  21. SIJ day 17- Simple Shadow

    SIJ day 17- Simple Shadow

    While waiting for my Landcruiser at the car wash I caught this simple shadow. PS Lens (mm): 28.4 ISO: 400 Aperture: 5 Shutter: 1/950 Exp. Comp.: +0.7
  22. SIJ - Day 17

    SIJ - Day 17

    Thank goodness for my dog, Johnnie. Not only is he my best friend, but he's always good for a photo op. ;-) A snooze worthy day around these parts. FYI: 1/20 @ f/5 ISO 1600
  23. SIJ - Day 16

    SIJ - Day 16

    Heading home via South Main. Something about this Harley-Davidson admirer's truck in the middle of the sun going down caught my eye. Or maybe it's because I knew I'd better try for something before it got too dark. I did like the truck and the HD iconography.
  24. SIJ day 15- Shopping with Grandpa

    SIJ day 15- Shopping with Grandpa

    Had to run to the market this morning for milk and stuff, took an image I liked a lot of the sky from the parking lot, but the more I played with this image, the more I like this one for today, HDR, Silver Efex Lens (mm): 7.1 ISO: 1600 Aperture: 5 Shutter: 1/90 Exp. Comp.: -0.7
  25. SIJ day 14- Waiting for Breakfast

    SIJ day 14- Waiting for Breakfast

    i took this image and few others while waiting to get a table for breakfast at a popular local spot, Silver Efex, HDR Lens (mm): 7.1 ISO: 400 Aperture: 5.6 Shutter: 1/600 Exp. Comp.: -0.7
  26. SIJ - Day 14

    SIJ - Day 14

    While walking with our daughter and our dog on a cold, overcast and blustery day!
  27. SIJ - Day 13

    SIJ - Day 13

    A wild day of clouds and light yesterday here along the coast of the Metro New York area... I managed to get down to this wonderful park we have. Here's one from the bunch. Have to tell you that I couldn't really see what I was getting in the frame. I knelt down on one knee, aimed, and...
  28. SIJ Day 13/ Bull Skull

    SIJ Day 13/ Bull Skull

    I got this skull years ago as a prop on a shoot in New Mexico, it now hangs on a back wall at the house, Shot frontally the other day as an extra image for SIJ, today I thought I would try shooting it from a different angle. Tight crop on the X10 Lens (mm): 13.2 ISO: 400 Aperture: 2.8...
  29. SIJ day 12-Kodak Circle

    SIJ day 12-Kodak Circle

    Had a few options but decided to go with this from the old camera film collection: Color EFex Lens (mm): 13.2 ISO: 1600 Aperture: 3.2 Shutter: 1/150 Exp. Comp.: -1.3
  30. SIJ - Day 12

    SIJ - Day 12

    And the rains came. I wish it had been snow, but it would have been a blizzard. My husband would have been out there for hours...but it would have offered some great photo ops. ;-)
  31. SIJ - Day 10

    SIJ - Day 10

    Feel terrible that I've been slacking off. The combination of work and laziness can get overwhelming. And lack of creativity too. On the other hand, the Fuji X10's sharp lens continues to amaze me. I took this selfie and cropped it to focus on my eyes. I decreased the clarity quite a bit to hide...
  32. SIJ day 10- Mr Voodoo

    SIJ day 10- Mr Voodoo

    Too many meetings and such, so I just did a portrait of Mr Voodoo, since he stands on my desk everyday. A little Color Efex: Lens (mm): 13.7 ISO: 1600 Aperture: 2.8 Shutter: 1/250 Exp. Comp.: 0.0
  33. SIJ - Day 11

    SIJ - Day 11

  34. Day 10-Parking Circle

    Day 10-Parking Circle

    Arriving early to the building the lot was empty, Silver Efex: Lens (mm): 7.1 ISO: 1600 Aperture: 4 Shutter: 1/30 Exp. Comp.: -0.7
  35. SIJ - Day 10

    SIJ - Day 10

    Took several photos which could have been "it" for today, but they were all pretty standard fare and didn't do "it" for me. This is my salute to Seurat - call it "Afternoon in the Starbucks". ;-) I had the camera on Program mode and decided to see what it would...
  36. SIJ day 9- Poe

    SIJ day 9- Poe

    Trying to catch up with processing did not leave a lot of time for shooting today, so when I went home I snapped a quick portrait our 13 year old African Grey; just a little selective color done here: Lens (mm): 13.7 ISO: 400 Aperture: 2.8 Shutter: 1/70 Exp. Comp.: -0.7
  37. SIJ day 8- Driving Fun

    SIJ day 8- Driving Fun

    Took a few nice images today but this one seemed to sum up what I was having the must fun doing today: a little HDR in the process Lens (mm): 7.1 ISO: 400 Aperture: 2.5 Shutter: 1/1250 Exp. Comp.: -0.7
  38. SIJ day 7-Jelly Time

    SIJ day 7-Jelly Time

    My final edit for this day was in the 40s, The central coast offered some many opportunities. I had the hardest time picking the frame I wanted to include here:PS process Lens (mm): 7.1 ISO: 3200 Aperture: 4 Shutter: 1/25
  39. SIJ - Day 9

    SIJ - Day 9

    Came out of the doctor's office and there she was - parked right there, smack dab in front of my MINI Cooper! Two guys got out... Naturally, I told them what a beautiful car they had. They thanked me, and though they did not mention how beautiful my MINI was, I forgave them. ;-) It had...
  40. SIJ - Day 7

    SIJ - Day 7

    The GF and I went for a walk this past Saturday while the good weather in Houston lasts. It didn't last for much longer. But it did this past Saturday. We came across a pond and we were trying to get the turtles to swim our way so that I could take photos of them. My GF started motioning and...
  41. SIJ - Day 6

    SIJ - Day 6

    We've had an inordinate amount of interesting cloud patterns in Houston lately. It's generally clear most of the time. Whenever we do have clouds, it covers all of the sky. This is another photo from my office window using the X10, but with the wide angle this time. After using prime lenses for...
  42. SIJ - Day 8

    SIJ - Day 8

    "She'll be coming around the mountain when she comes!" (a children's song) Good friends create an amazing miniature Presepio...a wonderful Portuguese village with fantastic details...including the nativity scene... And they do it every year and have a great party as close to...
  43. SIJ - Day 7

    SIJ - Day 7

    Kiddie at morning's light. Our West Virginia cat who has gotten used to living in suburban NY versus his thousands of acres of fields and woods where he first came to us.
  44. 1/6- Shopping

    1/6- Shopping

    While I admit US HWY 1 is full of photo opportunities, I was having too much fun driving and did not want to stop, so it was pretty dark when we rolled into Carmel. Not much ids lit up here so I found my shot in the frozen food else HDR Lens (mm): 9.6 ISO: 1600 Aperture: 3.2 Shutter: 1/550...
  45. SIJ - Day 6

    SIJ - Day 6

    Me and my shadow on our morning constitutional together.
  46. SIJ - Day 5

    SIJ - Day 5

    Macro photo of the court's order granting a motion that I filed in a highly contentious lawsuit. My counterpart (the plaintiff's lawyer) is extremely difficult to get along with. So winning the motion and disposing of the claims was very enjoyable and satisfying.
  47. SIJ - Day 4

    SIJ - Day 4

    Downtown Houston, as seen from my office. This was probably the third or fourth time I've taken this photo. Each time was with a different camera. Yes, I am a gearhead. Heavily processed in LR3.6 to give it a miniature effect look. The glass for the office window is thick and heavily tinted. So...
  48. SIJ - Day 2

    SIJ - Day 2

    My first encounter with the Tesla -- the all electric sports car. Love the car, but hate the fact that I (as a taxpayer) have subsidized the creation of this $100,000+ sports car that is not available (or affordable) to the normal people. Leonardo DiCaprio has one. Figures.
  49. SIJ - Day 5

    SIJ - Day 5

    When your daughter flies to the other side of the world, you're awfully glad to see her back home again. Having just returned from Japan, they were exhausted but happy. I'm happy, too. ;-) Fuji X10
  50. 1/5 - Driveway Reflections and Shadows

    1/5 - Driveway Reflections and Shadows

    Stuck at home again with the workers, so as I went out to check on the sprinklers, I saw these cool shadows in the pool of water on the driveway. X10 lens (mm): 26.6 ISO: 250 Aperture: 2.8 Shutter: 1/350