1. 1/4- Melrose at Night

    1/4- Melrose at Night

    I had some other images I was going to post from today, but as I was waiting for the valet to bring my car up after dinner I snapped this image. ISO 1600 handheld. Color Efx
  2. SIJ - Day 4

    SIJ - Day 4

    What about on other days?
  3. 1/3-The Girls

    1/3-The Girls

    I fell for the cute one today, the girls just waiting to come in
  4. SIJ - Day 3

    SIJ - Day 3

    Another beautiful blue sky day here in the New York metro area...plenty of blue water, gorgeous scenery...but darn cold, and colder by the minute! Rather than take my traditional tack...I thought I'd go with this interior view today. Where else do you go when you're cold but to get a steaming...
  5. 1/2-Lots of Serious Compacts

    1/2-Lots of Serious Compacts

    This was the first thing I saw worth shooting today while driving to LACMA , just seemed appropriate . Shot a fair number of interesting things today, but had to pick just one
  6. SIJ - Day 2

    SIJ - Day 2

    Seen at the beach and park in my town. I haven't really decided how much to write in here...though it could be helpful? To me? To the viewer? I purposely went down to the water in the later afternoon because of the beautiful light and cold weather. So much to see and so many photographs to...
  7. Sunday, January 1, 2012

    Sunday, January 1, 2012

  8. SIJ - Day 1

    SIJ - Day 1

    If "safety" is the name, then there are no "safer" photos for me than a Starbucks (or Seattle's Best) photo. I generally take photos of coffee cups when I first get a new camera (or lens). They are my favorite (and safe) photo subject. The irony behind this photo is that as...
  9. Seconds into the new year

    Seconds into the new year

    Moments into the new year ISO3200, Silver Efex
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