1. mike3996

    Fuji X100 Automatic picture review information

    Fuji X100 is able to show good information when I enter picture playback. There's histograms, there's even highlight blinkies. But the automatic after-shot picture review doesn't show any information, just the picture. Can it be configured in any way? It would be so perfect if I could get...
  2. KillRamsey

    Fuji The X100 went Hut Skiing

    We went cross country skiing for 3 days up in the montains of Washington, in a ski-to only hut system. They haul your bags via snowmobile, and you ski uphill for about 5 miles (gaining 1,400 ft elevation in the process) to your reserved hut. It was magical. Huts have 3 solar lights, propane...
  3. Coksic

    Fuji Showcase X100 - a few images

  4. Coksic

    X100 Black and white

  5. R

    Fuji Problem with X100 s

    When using the camera in manual mode, if I change the aperture from 5.6 to 8 the viewfinder, screen and eye, flickers back and forth between the two brightness levels. It seems to expose correctly but the flicker is disconcerting. I hope it is not the beginning of something worse. Any...
  6. JoeLopez

    Fuji what's in your bag?

    Share your Fuji kit. I was working with some different camera settings today and took a shot of my X100 kit today. Fujifilm X100 Lensmate thumb grip Fujifilm hood Fujifilm EF-20 flash NPT-04 wireless remote shoe trigger Wasabi batteries Manfrotto phone mount Instax SP-2 printer w/film USB...
  7. craniac

    Fuji World Photojournalism using a Fuji X100

    Hi, I just got a deal on an X100 and am waiting for it to arrive from Qatar, and was looking about and saw that Michael Hanke of the Czech Republic just received the second prize for the category of Sports: Stories in the World Photojournalism contest. The cool thing is that he shot these...
  8. C

    Fuji Hoocap With X100 or Fuji XF Lenses

    Has anyone tried the TM49 Hoocap (49mm) on a Fuji X100, X100S, or X100T? I've looked all over the internet and can't find any mention of the two together. Don't feel like spending $50 just to test it out. Also curious if anyone has tried any of the following: TR62 Hoocap on Fuji XF 23mm 1.4...
  9. erniethemilk

    Fuji S model still relevant as a second hand buy?

    OK, a little history I currently shoot with X-Pro1 & X-T1 but have a real thing for an X100 which I've tried twice now and on both occasions seem to have been thwarted with. I bought an S around 18 months ago and to be honest was mildly disappointed with it - I guess I was really expecting it...
  10. P

    Fuji SAB

    One of my favourite cameras is a step closer to becoming electronic junk. My second X100 is showing symptoms of Sticky Aperture Blades (SAB). My first X100 started displaying symptoms during the warranty period and Fujifilm Canada fixed it quickly and for no charge. The second is out of...
  11. bwshadowdoor2


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  16. In the kitchen.

    In the kitchen.

    Visited our son and 'caught' him wiping the dishes.
  17. Food


    Grilling season has arrived to our northern climate. On the menu the other night was a grilled pork chop with brussel sprouts and sweet potato. I'll try to catch up with your postings tomorrow from work.
  18. Addiction


    My name is Bill and I'm a battery charger collector. Unfortunately I have to buy another camera everytime I need a fix.
  19. simplicity


    nothing simpler than some wildflowers against a sea of lush green. 12 left to go.
  20. chiaroscuro


    My favorite girl Lucy in the morning light.....patiently waiting for walkies.
  21. Food


    Strawberries are my latest addiction. I'm trying to lose some weight......it's tough. I LOVE food. I've heard it said that people don't get fat from eating too much fruit. So anytime i get hungry, I'm going to have a tall glass of water and pig out on some fruit. Wish me luck!
  22. Neon


    A great sign for a mediocre custard stand.
  23. Insect


    I put the X100 in macro mode and clicked a few off blindly.....it was so bright I could hardly even see the screen. This was the best of them, but it's not easy getting this close to the bee while walking the dogs.
  24. acts of kindness

    acts of kindness

    Someone who lives near the record store loves the little birdies because on EVERY block in every direction that are multiple bird houses. I think it's pretty cool that someone does this to encourage the birds to hang out in the city. Even when kids write funny stuff on them....this one really...
  25. death


    just a piece of driftwood....a dead tree....and some sunshine shimmering off the lake.
  26. negative space

    negative space

    I was walking the dogs along the lake this morning and the nearly featureless sky was screaming at me.....hey look over here.....negative space. Pretty unimaginative, but it's done. Also, I usually HATE horizons cutting an image in half, so I went with a square crop. Somehow I feel that makes...
  27. a high point

    a high point

    from atop a stairwell through a wooded area down by the lake
  28. workers


    just a shot of some workers working.
  29. heavy processing

    heavy processing

    Here's an HDR I did from 3 exposures. Then I converted to black and white with wild tweaks to each color channel to make it super dramatic. I really like doing this heavy processing to churches. Maybe I'm secretly fighting back at them for all the heavy processing they did to my young mind.
  30. black (Neptune's Gate)

    black (Neptune's Gate)

    Here's a wrought iron gate that serves as an entry point to a garden at a local museum. Shooting against the bright mid-day sky, I dialed in +2 EV overexposure to capture the detail in the iron. I added a bit of artificial grain to make it look more like film and add some interest to the blown...
  31. absence and presence

    absence and presence

  32. addiction


    Our rhubarb has been going crazy this spring, so I decided to make a strawberry-rhubarb crisp. It's really just an excuse to eat ice cream.
  33. mostly one color

    mostly one color

    It's been raining a lot here lately. Everything is super green. We also painted our front door a very soft shade of green so when I saw Charlie peering out the door after another rain, I thought I'd take the easy way out for the "one colour" prompt.
  34. Work/Workers


  35. "Summertime" by Ella Fitzgerald

    "Summertime" by Ella Fitzgerald

    As I was putting records out in the shop yesterday, I ran across this Ella LP. I love well-cared LPs from the 50s. The thick, laminated covers are so beautiful. And when I find them in condition like new it gives me a thrill. This record is 55 years old. And it looks like it just came from the...
  36. Despair


    My wife and I fell in love with the bold pattern of the swirly chair when we first saw it. We also thought it would be great because the pattern would help to hide all the pet hair (2 dogs and 2 cats). What we failed to take into account was that Lucy would treat it as her personal dog bed every...
  37. Time has passed (since I bought these onions)

    Time has passed (since I bought these onions)

    I can't remember when I bought this bag of onions. I think at this point I can call them Done-ions.
  38. out of focus

    out of focus

    I was trying to get a good macro shot of the dandelion seeds....the fluffy white bits. I missed. There's a few of their stems that are kind of in focus, but mainly it's a big fluffy soft, out of focus treat. A successful dandelion macro is being saved in reserve in case I don't get one I...
  39. a conspicuous absence of people

    a conspicuous absence of people

    As I was out shooting dandelions yesterday, I realized there was a little amphitheater that in a couple months will be filled with people enjoying live music. But right now on this day, there is definitely a conspicuous absence of people. 2 down, 35 to go
  40. SIJ Day 31 - Great Bridge, Exeter, NH

    SIJ Day 31 - Great Bridge, Exeter, NH

    Last photo shoot for the month. Went back to the bridge where I took the first picture of the month overlooking the dam on Exeter River but didn't find a new perspective that I found interesting enough or that added anything new so I settled for this snap of a woman walking her dog.
  41. SIJ Day 30 - Life is Good T-Shirts, Belmont, MA

    SIJ Day 30 - Life is Good T-Shirts, Belmont, MA

    Took a short walk around Belmont, MA today and caught this street scene.
  42. SIJ Day 29 - Morning Walk, Boston, MA

    SIJ Day 29 - Morning Walk, Boston, MA

    Snapped a few shots on a coffee run this morning. This is the only one that came out OK technically so it's the one I pick for day 29.
  43. SIF29 Rubbish.

    SIF29 Rubbish.

    Seriously running out of ideas so turned to the recycling bin. Processed and cropped in LR, converted to B&W in SEP2 and finally tonemapped in Photomatix 4.1.
  44. SIJ Day 28 - Street Artist, Harvard Square, Cambridge, MA

    SIJ Day 28 - Street Artist, Harvard Square, Cambridge, MA

    Went to a coffee shop overlooking Harvard Square and snapped this picture of a street artist not quite able to get everyone's attention.
  45. Rainy Night, Harvard Square, Cambridge, MA

    Rainy Night, Harvard Square, Cambridge, MA

    Waliking around Harvard Square on a rainy night capturing some pedestrians trying to avoid getting too wet.
  46. SIJ27 Flag.

    SIJ27 Flag.

    The neighbours put this up for Australia Day (yesterday). Developed in SEP2 with selective colours.
  47. SIJ Day 26 - Dinner, Burlington, MA

    SIJ Day 26 - Dinner, Burlington, MA

    Not much time today either so I'm combining dinner with today's photo op.
  48. SIJ Day 25 - Walgreens, Exeter, NH

    SIJ Day 25 - Walgreens, Exeter, NH

    Not a great day today. Issues surrounding family illness took most of my time so I had to resort to a few snaps while running some errands.
  49. Getting Ready for the Super Bowl, New England 2012

    Getting Ready for the Super Bowl, New England 2012

    The supermarket is getting ready to provide everything you need and more for your super bowl party :)
  50. SIJ Day 23 - Summer Apparel 40% Off, Portsmouth, NH

    SIJ Day 23 - Summer Apparel 40% Off, Portsmouth, NH

    Snow has turned to rain and there might be time to start looking for some summer clothes.