1. Ad Dieleman

    Leica Q3 replaces Fuji X100V?

    This post is a response to @bluzcity 's question if the Q3 is going to replace my Fuji X100V. It is indeed my idea that I won't keep both. I hate the idea to have to choose which camera to take, let alone to carry 2 cameras. The X100V and the Q3 both have to serve as the EDC camera...
  2. Ad Dieleman

    Fuji X100V annoyances

    After a 3-weeks intensive workout with the X100V, I'm mostly satisfied with it and the output it produces. However, I've come across a few annoyances I'd like to share here. Automatic wrap-around of the focus point. When I move it to e.g. the far right with the joystick, it automatically jumps...