1. Adam Bonn

    The Beach Town of Matosinhos

    I'll probably add to this as time goes on... Matosinhos is joined to Porto, with the boarder being the Porto ring road (or so I'm told!) It'll start off quite picture heavy! This is the main square of Matosinhos, the building on the right of the frame is where you go to get your Portuguese...
  2. Adam Bonn

    Porto with the X-Pro2 and XF35/1.4

    Porto with the X-Pro2 and XF35/1.4 I've posted this in travel, but I actually live here :) Still I have to leave the house to go to town! I got my X-Pro2 about a month ago and it's only this last week I actually had half a day all to myself to go shoot with it! I'm no stranger to Fuji, but...
  3. Adam Bonn

    X-Pro1 & XF35/1.4: Mercado do Bolhão and a Trip Into Porto Town

    Just some snaps from my trip into town! The Stairs into the Market! Stuff. In bags. For Sale. Pork based produce and sausages isn't just a Spanish thing! A Mountain of Cherries! Frankly.... It's all tat! In prep for today's São João (23/6) celebrations Church of Saint Ildefonso...