1. Mostly one colour.

    Mostly one colour.

    Could also be a macro - mostly green.
  2. Signs


    Didn't have to go past the front door for this one.
  3. Light


    Quite heavily processed too.
  4. Presence and absence.

    Presence and absence.

    The web reminds of where the spider once was.
  5. Time has passed.

    Time has passed.

    An early model Singer from a time when every home boasted a sewing machine.
  6. Whatever


    Imogen is now of the age when she is tiring of granddad and his cameras.
  7. A high point.

    A high point.

    Owen has a new record for high-tower building.
  8. Tension


    High-tension power transmission line. PP in Silver Effects Pro (Film Noir 1). Taken at full zoom on the X-S1 (624mm eq).
  9. Macro/closeup


    Processed in Topaz Adjust 5 and Perfect Frame.
  10. The good life.

    The good life.

    Oh to be 3 again and reading a toy catalogue - not a worry in the world.