1. Tim Williams

    Fuji Maybe another XT1?

    Thinking about this. I have the Xt3 and will see what the upgrade brings in April but I keep going back to the very clean XT1 files and thinking, wow these look better. The Xt3 does bring better autofocus, but it gets a little noisey if you lean on it.
  2. JuSlaughter

    Fuji Fuji Newbie - 100-400mm Quickie

    Hi all I picked up my XT1 yesterday after trading in some Canon gear. I have to say, I am impressed so far. As a future lens purchase, I had the 100-400mm high up there for wildlife. I have had a Canon 100-400 for years and years, and whilst happy with the results, they are not super sharp, and...
  3. JuSlaughter

    Fuji Greeting From Worcester, U.K.

    Evening all Hello and I hope everyone is ok. I'm just a little excited tonight. I am picking up my new XT1 and 18-55mm tomorrow. I made a big decision this week, to let go of my Canon 5D Mark 3 and jump into the Fuji mirrorless arena. I realised that I don't need a big heavy setup anymore and...
  4. D

    Fuji Greetings from the Isle of Anglesey in Wales

    Hi, I'm on my third Fuji camera, this time the X-T1, and love their gear. Having returned to the land of my birth after 30 years in the Middle East I hope to have more time to develop my photographic skills. I look forward to help and guidance from the Fuji X Spot contributors and become an...
  5. New York City Couple

    New York City Couple

    New York
  6. The Gathering House

    The Gathering House

    Sturbridge Village, MA (USA)
  7. Fall


    Fall in New England
  8. Wickford Harbor

    Wickford Harbor

    A nice winter day....