1. T

    Freckles in the city!

    I'll start sharing some photos from an impromtu photoshoot of my friends girlfriend this evening as they come off the line! Most shot with either the 56mm 1.2 APD or 50-140 2.8. For a start 'freckles in the city!' Freckles in the city by tom.ohle, on Flickr
  2. N4865G

    XT2 with 50-140 goes to WTA Qatar Open

    Hi all, I am very excited really, had a first real chance to test my new 50-140 in action along with the XT2 which I had been trying to learn over the last couple of weeks. Some of the top world tennis girls came to Doha this week to participate in Qatar WTA Total Open. Great tennis indeed...
  3. MatthiasX

    Fuji XT2 RAF files on iPad - Import works but without showing pictures

    Hi to all! I'm new to fuji and my brand new xt2 has arrived this weekend and I'm pretty happy. But there is one thing: I am very interested in importing the raw files via SD-Adapter to my ipad for editingt in lightroom mobile one the go. There is a tutorial by Elia Locardi on Petapixel and...
  4. Iansky

    Birds XT2 does more birds in flight

    I had the chance to shoot a few more birds in flight last Saturday, I had the XT2 with grip in boost mode, AFC and using the 100-400. Once again the focus was super fast at picking up flying birds that suddenly appeared, locking on and tracking effectively - a little overcast to start so many...
  5. Iansky

    Birds XT2 + 100-400 pushed birds in flight

    I took the combo above out today - dull day with flat lighting so I thought it was a chance to see how the AFC has improved on the XT2 especially if lighting that was even. All of the images are pushed and they start off for no's 1,2 & 3 at 1600iso - no.4 is 2500iso and no.5 is 3200iso. I am...