1. buttermaker

    Gibbon at Richmond Virginia Zoo

  2. TraamisVOS

    Stroll Went to the zoo yesterday.

    Didn't take any photos of the animals. But I took this one of my wife and daughter being aeroplanes, and it's the only photo that matters.
  3. Christop82

    Fuji Showcase 7artisans 35mm f1.2 Louisville Zoo

    All with X-M1 and 7artisans 35mm f1.2 Louisville Zoo
  4. Les Klein

    Zoo Ecomuseum (Montreal)

    I brought my old camera friend, Lumix FZ20, to the Ecomuseum. This zoo began as a wild animal rescue and rehabilitation project for animals indigenous to the Laurentian mountains and St. Lawrence Valley regions in Quebec. It now has an extensive collection of fauna in protected areas. Have a...
  5. davect01

    Phoenix Zoo Trip

    Spent the day, (Monday), at the Zoo with out of town family. Still a bit warm here in Phoenix, but manageable. A6000 and 55-210mm worked fine for most shots but anything at the 210mm in the dark was really a stretch for this lens. If I did longer shots more frequently, I would have to get...
  6. alexmilesg3

    A day at the Detroit zoo

    I had never been to the Detroit zoo before... Well, after this first time I am certain that there will be many more times. Really a wonderful place to visit if you are in the D.
  7. davect01

    Phoenix Zoo Lights and Ice Skating

    Our annual between Christmas and New Years activities of visiting the Phoenix Zoo Light and outdoor Ice Skating continues for the 4th year. A6000 and 28-70mm Phoenix Zoo Lights ZooLights - Phoenix Zoo Outdoor Ice Skating in Phoenix Intro