1. john m flores

    Compact Compact 1" 5-10x zooms

    Anyone have experience with the 1" compacts with ~5-10x zoom? Cameras like the Lumix ZS/TZ 100 and 200, Sony RX100 VII, Canon G7X III, Canon G5X, any others? Looking for a small camera with a good zoom for bicycle trips. Good daylight performance at 5x+ desired. Thanks!
  2. mike3996

    Of Primes and Men

    I figured the world needed one more primes-vs-zooms discussion. I also figure there are at least five classes of zoom lenses out there. Standard zooms (24-70; 24-120) UWA zooms (14-24; 16-35) Mid-tele zooms (70-200; 80-300) Supertelezooms (100-400; 150-600) Superzooms (28-300; 24-200) I'm a...