Fuji 150-600 and 18-120 added to the lens roadmap

Fuji inconsistently doesn't name the new 23/1.4 as "Mark II". In fact they haven't made many duplicate lenses before this. The XF27/2.8 was the first one to get a refresh, and it got the "Mark II" moniker. All the other "duplicates" haven't been real duplicates (35/1.4 vs 35/2; 18/2 vs 18/1.4; 23/1.4 vs 23/2; 35/1.4 vs 33/1.4) but now the 23/1.4 will be one that's duplicated in specs for reals.

Of course, I say inconsistent and that's just my opinion.

It's perfectly reasonable not to name models Mark 2s if they come up with new optical designs for instance. But it does get a bit cumbersome to refer to different same-specced models if good nicknames don't emerge quickly.