Fuji Showcase 16-55mm 2.8




The XF 16-55/2.8 quickly became my "everyday" lens. In fact, that and the XF 50-140/2.8 are often all I use. I carry two or three primes in my bag also, but they rarely see any use these days, particularly for event photography. A few 16-55/2.8 samples:

I replaced my primes with the 16-55 as it will be much better for the events I'm shooting now. Currently l am pairing the 16-55 with the 55-200. I need the extra reach more than the constant 2.8.

So, after looking through my work and lightroom data, it turns out I don't shoot much past 140mm. So I picked up a 50-140 and will sell the 55-200 most likely. I'm looking forward to using this pair and seeing what I come up with.





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