Fuji Showcase 16-55mm 2.8



One of the first pictures I have taken with the 16-55. This is for a countryside magzine in the UK, putting epoxy eyes onto flocked crow decoys that come without any eyes at all.
The crow was being hand held while the resin was cured.

1/15th hand held at f4

crow decoy.web.jpg


My better half, on our way to the Pink Floyd Exhibition. Just a grab and go at the train station using the little flash that came with the camera. It is how it came out, because I don't have any programs that can deal with Fuji pictures and I am not clever enough to know how to go about getting one that will. People say it is easy - it isn't, not for me. I can't even turn on our new telly unless it is left in the correct mode so I can just press '1' and get BBC1, if it isn't, I am snookered by modernity. I couldn't work the parking machine at the train either, I had to get the person waiting to do it for me. Some people are just not wired for all this geekery.



I had an hour in the morning.

And I tried stitching a panoramic, not in phtoshop, I don't have anything that fancy. This was from Panorama Maker 6. I didn't have a spirit level so just had to guess it. If you look at the far water level, it isn't that far off, perspective from the wide angle has distorted it.
JCB.Panorama 1.web.jpg

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