Fuji 16:9 crop on LR and ACR import from X-E1 Solution?


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Mar 15, 2013
San Francisco Bay Area, California, USA
G Dan Mitchell
Using the most current release versions of LR 4.3 and ACR in Photoshop CS6, when I import raw files from my X-E1 they are cropped to 16:9 by default even though I do not have this crop selected in-camera. I realize that I can manually undo this and see the entire frame in these raw conversion applications, but I would certainly prefer to just have the image come in without cropping. Updated camera and lens firmware to latest versions on the off chance that this might play a role, but no change.

Ideas? Solutions?




Mar 7, 2013
Columbus, OH
Update to Lightroom 4.4 RC and ACR 7.4 RC. It's fixed there (plus you get the better X-trans conversions without the color bleed problems 4.3 has)

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