Fuji 18-55 f2.8-4 zoom - Removed From Fujifilm website

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It has certainly disappeared from the Fujifilm UK site!

A screen shot from the UK Fujifilm website!

Screen Shot 2017-03-22 at 13.50.00.jpg

Note the empty place

Fujinon X Mount lenses
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I guess my copy of the 1855 is still my favorite zoom lens ever, all the way from 18 to 55mm. Just compare this "kit lens" to Sony's standard zooms for e-mount, including the blue label glass (build quality, performance, ...) and you get a pretty good idea on who you're dealing with in each case.


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I feel like improvments might be nice, but that the Mark I version is still, to this day, more than good enough to not "need" them like the 60 or 18 (and maybe 27... and hell, make the 35 f1.4 internal focus while we have the hood up) primes do. It focuses pretty quickly, it stabilizes pretty well, it's plenty sharp. They kinda nailed it on that lens.

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OH MY GOSH you bought the dreaded 18-55 KIT lens. What will your friends think? Have you thought about seeking counseling? Wow WOW all I can say is I sure like mine and think your going to like yours as well, congrats. :2thumbs:
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From what I have read, autumn at the earliest.
That's what I heard as well. But it could explain it being removed from the site.

It's one of the lenses I'm looking forward to checking out. But what I'm REALLY waiting for is what would go with it. The current 55-200 and 50-230 are too short (the 50-230 is also too slow). And the 100-400 WAY more than I need or want in size, weight, and cost. I love an XF series 70-300mm even if it tops out at f/5.6. For that I'd consider getting those two and the 10-24 with an X-T3 and selling off my m4/3. I'm not sure I would, but at least the range I need/want would be covered.

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