18th Birthday with the EX1.


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We celebrated my eldest granddaughter's birthday last night and I decided to leave the micro 4/3 gear home and trust a serious compact - my Samsung EX1/TL500. The lighting was a mix of fluoro, incandescent and bud lights and the EX1 handled it pretty well on AWB. In a couple of shots the flash did not fire but the IS still got the shot.

Cutting the cake. Apparently you have to scream deafeningly when the knife touches the plate.

Second granddaughter and bf.

Son-in-law, daughter and youngest grandson.

The battle between good and evil. (Flash did not fire 1/20 sec at ISO 400).

The disco (taken in the dark with flash).

More guests and yes I'm related to them all.


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Bill, these are wonderful - and I'm sitting here with a big smile on my face having looked at them! Your captions are also excellent. I am so glad to know that on my next birthday that I'll have to emit a deafening scream!:biggrin: Love the "battle of good and evil" - that halo has got to be real!

Your granddaughter is beautiful, even while screaming. You must have started your own family at a very young age, Bill - they look like a wild but very warm bunch.:friends:

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