Leica Showcase 1934 Carl Zeiss Jena 5cm F1.5, converted to Leica Mount.

The F1.5 Sonnar is amazing, 7 elements in 3 groups. This uncoated lens has near perfect glass with a nice bloom on it. The glass on the F1.5 lens is more durable than that of the F2. It is common to find the F1.5 lens with glass that cleans up nicely. The F2 lens- glass is softer, much like the Leica Summar.

Converted to Leica mount using a Jupiter-3 focus mount assembled from parts. I did this conversion back in 2012, this is one of my best. The SN160x block is one of the earliest that can be converted using a J-3 mount, this one is Nickel finish - predates the chrome finish lenses. The Bloom on this lens is beautiful.
Skyllaney Opto-Mechanics is introducing a new Sonnar next year, a 50mm F2, planned as a 7 element in 3 group lens, based on a 1937 prototype. Production Zeiss 5cm F2 Sonnars were 6 elements in 3 groups.

The images are shot at F2, Except the last one- shot wide-open at F1.5. This particular lens is accurate across the full focus range.


I wrote an article on what makes a lens a Sonnar- a look at the design philosophy that went into the lens. I've seen questions asking what makes a Sonnar lens so different from more common optics.
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