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Completed 1936 Carl Zeiss Jena 5cm F1.5 Sonnar, custom converted to Leica Mount

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For sale is a Carl Zeiss Jena Sonnar 5cm F1.5 converted to Leica Thread Mount using a Jupiter-3 focus mount. Glass is near perfect, nice bloom on the front and rear surfaces, some bubbles, normal for this vintage. Optimized for wide-open and close-up use, tested on the M9. It focuses properly to infinity stopped down to F2, out to ~100ft wide-open at F1.5. I built this one using an Uncoated pre-war optic from a Contax mount lens and a 1970s GOMZ chrome focus mount. Focus is well-damped and very smooth. It’s not easy to find a J-3 LTM focus mount, I bought a couple and used the best one for this conversion. I disassembled, cleaned, and relubed the focus mount and the optics module. Took out all the glass, cleaned the surfaces, flood cleaned the aperture blades, removed the old grease under the aperture ring and used a dab of vacuum pump grease to dampen the movement.

Cosmetically the aluminum mount is in EX condition, some marks in the aluminum as shown. Multi-coated Schneider filter and plastic front and rear caps included.

Price: $590 shipped within the United States Priority Mail, $620 anywhere else via International Priority Mail. Paypal, Personal Check, Money Order. I reserve the right to hold shipment until check/MO clears. Return policy: returns must be made within 10 days, refund for the price of the item will be given after receipt. Postage cost are not refundable.

“Dead-On with Flash”

Close-up, wide-open

100% crop

At F4:

100% crop

Back at f1.5, some color:

F1.5 Bokeh shot, late day.

F1.5, “fence Slat test”

F1.5, lens at Infinity.

100% crop

For “pixel-Peeped Infinity”, best to stop down to F2 or more. Sonnar focus shift works in your favor.

I'm retracting the lens from sale- decided to keep it after putting it on the M9.

Wide-open at F1.5.

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