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It's the time of year when we look forward to a new year and also take stock of the preceding twelve months. Setting aside technical perfection, the number of 'likes', or anything other than your own subjective feelings, what are the 3-4 images you captured in 2020 that resonate with you?

I'll start:


I was fortunate to visit the Cotswolds with my family just prior to the pandemic, and the 14th-century National Trust property we booked was full of fresh cut flowers. It was a striking and memorable contrast. Were were very lucky to manage this trip before COVID-19 hit.


No lack of social distancing where we live, even at the beach at the height of the summer. Spending more evenings there with our children this summer was a welcome respite from both the heat and pandemic restrictions.


More time to explore the small places close to home this year, all of those that I intended to get to 'some time'.

These are images that I most closely associate with 2020. What are yours?


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As my travel plans unraveled throughout the year I was not "quickly back on my feet" to make new ones (what's left allowed, domestic trips). This year has been a big waste in that regard.

The highlight of the year came in June when my brother bought an RV and invited me to a trip to Lapland.

2020-06-15 (Mon) 16-45-26.jpeg

This was another highlight for me, Särkiniemi Sunset taken in late January. I had a most productive Saturday that day but sadly some actions taken later that night had left me year-lasting effects. Nothing too serious but I'll let your imaginations run wild. Overall, a very memorable day and I was left with a bunch of nice pics.

2020-01-25 (Sat) 16-15-20.jpeg

In the matters of gear, 2020 has been the year of Nikon Df and Panasonic m4/3 for me. Neither is winning Leica M over the pleasantness of user experience but I am left with some continuing wonder and dread about how I will satisfy my tele curiosities with Leica, wouldn't an autofocusing Nikkor 85 be the best bet? Or a compact M4/3 lens for that matter? These are my ongoing struggles.

2020-03-26 (Thu) 16-50-09.jpeg


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I did a lot of bike rides this year, all within a 2 hour drive of my house. One of my favorite venues was near a local wetlands area, where the roads and paths are away from the busy main road and I'm much more comfortable riding. One particularly nice morning I was riding along a side path, and spotted a pair of Bald Eagles perched in a large dead tree overlooking the river, my first ever clear images of a Bald Eagle. The path I was on goes directly under that tree, and on the return trip, there were several Herons that had taken the place of the Eagles.



My longest journey took me to the wilds of Nicholas County and the Cranberry Tri-River Rail Trail in the second week of October. One of my favorite venues, the TRRT follows or crosses 3 of WV's scenic mountain rivers. At my turnaround point at a long abandoned tunnel, I took my bike down a long, steep path to the water's edge to have lunch and enjoy the mountain solitude.



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I should have contributed to this thread. I tried, picking out images that were significant to the time of year. But I found it just too awful reliving 2020!
A couple of my favorites from the one time we got to travel



This is significant to me as it marks a major change in what I'm working with. Also actually getting away from the used market and buying all brand new gear. Plus, for the first time since moving to Fuji, not missing or wanting a rangefinder style body.

Time out with my dad is always a favorite

And of course my family




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