Leica $20k film camera in 2022, or Leica says hold my beer

Do any of these limited edition Leica units end up getting used (and gently abused) or are these intended just for on-the-shelf collectors?
It depends on the owner. Micheal Johnston of The Online Photographer has had the loan of a limited edition M10 - the Reporter model - and the owner of it told him to get out and _use_ it and not worry about dents or scratches as he bought it to use. That one is running around $10k IIRC now.

Others I'm sure would be horrified to even have one click on the shutter count.

I find my used regular model much easier to take out daily though. I do try to be very careful, but I also use it constantly. Which is the way, I think, it should be. If I could afford one of the limited editions and there was one that suited my tastes and needs? Then it too would be a daily user.
Leica does these limited edition cameras to raise funds for R&D for the next generation camera.

This Film edition camera will have a much greater value in 10 years than the special edition M8 that they sold to raise funds for the M9 development.

or a Ralph Gibson M Monochrom.

Providing those cameras still operate in 10 years. They will be 20+ years old by then.

I have a pair of very-low-production Digital cameras from the 90s, the first-ever IR camera sold in the Kodak DCS line (production well under 50) and a Nikon E3 full-frame digital from 1993, maybe 100 made. $12,400 and $7000 respectively when new. 1.6MPixels and 1.4MPixels respectively. Neither are work much now.
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And here’s me looking at one of these at a London dealer for literally 100 times less.