22nd Serious Compacts Salon Challenge - Ding Dong! We have a winner!


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I'm sorry, I know the call was for less chatter, more photos, but I can't get it out of my head - "Ding, dong bell, pussy's in the well..." I have three cats, but even if I had access to a well, it just wouldn't be right!


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Miguel Tejada-Flores
Grandmother's Harp

When I hear the words ding dong, the first thing I think of is....music. Bells ringing. And trumpets. Guitars, violins and cellos (or is it celli?). When I was very very young, my idea of music was first formed by an impossibly old, ancient harp that hung on the walls of my Grandmaman's (that's what we called her) apartment. The place was magical, filled with treasures and art and odds and ends - but I always stared at the harp and imagined it playing - the metal balls suspended swinging and striking the strings. Years later I learned it was a decorative instrument, and not for playing - but it seemed no less musical to me.

Now I have inherited it from my grandmother....and it hangs on my wall. So it seems the most appropriate Ding Dong for me.


Grandmaman's Harp by La Chachalaca Fotografía, on Flickr

Taken with my Lumix GX7 and its 14-42mm kit lens.
An old bike bell


Darren Bonner

Poole, UK
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Here is mine taken this morning, I'm going with the Christmas theme. the glass angel is actually a little bell and as the saying goes - everytime a bell rings, an anget get their wings.
This was taken with a Fuji XF1, EXR high ISO and low noise mode, Velvia film, manual focus, ISO1600, f/4.9, 1.7 secs on a tripod.



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Bruce J. Pritchard
If you're feeling ambitious, remove and switch places with the top and bottom chimes, then you'll have a doorbell like ours that goes "DONG DING!"

When I think of ding dong.... I think of the sound of the classic 2 pitched door bell. I decided to remove the cover from mine and see what it looked like. Here it is.....

ding dong by opt out of new experience, on Flickr


Sunny Frimley
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Bill Palmer
And the winner is...

Well, let me build the suspense a little. Some honourable mentions first.

Biglouis - I can't resist buses and this one is a great capture. The dark figures bring it to life.
Mnhoj - this really made me smile!!
Christilou - I love this one - that moustache and those overalls are spot-on to the era. I thought of "School for Scoundrels" at once!
Pdh - moody and magnificent; this is one of those photos I could have on my wall and keep coming back to - lovely.
ReD - almost ethereal - un-naturally natural. So well composed.
MiguelATF - great story and powerful image, the tight crop is so right.
Davect01 - Right on the brief, simple and effective. The scratches on the bell bring it to life
Darren Bonner - the spirit of Christmas! Excellent composition and exposure.
Muzee - you brought the chimes to life. The restricted palette and austere presentation here really appeal.
Donlaw - the tin man never looked better! That's a great shot and very well framed, with effective use of DoF.
Luke - this made me smile, and think of my grand-dad for some reason!

So, eleven great entries and thank you all for your contributions - but there can be only one that takes the prize. I am therefore going to declare ReD the winner for that bluebell shot - just lovely, and the one that I kept coming back to when reviewing.

Congratulations! It falls to you to set the first Salon Challenge of the New Year! :)

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