Sony 35mm options


I intend to get at some point a better 35mm, I have the Samyang 2.8 which is nice and small but woud ike something better. I do not want to go down the 1.4 and faster route, preffering to keep size down. What is the general order of 35mm iq wise 1.8 and slower?


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Several options in the Sony range:

- Sony Zeiss 35mm 2.8 - very small, compact, excellent IQ (similar to the Samyang you have)

- Sony 35mm 1.8 - compact, lightweight, sharp but also sterile, close min focus

- Sony 35mm 1.4 GM - cream of the crop in terms of build, IQ, and price :)

The other highly regarded native lens are the Sigma lineup:

- 35mm f2 contemporary - top level build, great IQ with nice rendering

- 35mm 1.4 DG DN - almost Sony GM level, but more affordable in a bit larger size

- 35mm 1.2 DG DN - monster lens with monster IQ

Then you have the Samyang, Tamron, and all MF options…


Thanks, I think it is between the Sony 1.8 the Sigma 2 and the Batis, will look for images from each to see what renders in the most desirable way. The Sigma does look like a luxury product though.
- Sony 35mm 1.8 - compact, lightweight, sharp but also sterile, close min focus
I do have to disagree here somewhat. The FE 35/1.8 is sharp - in the middle, that is - but I don't find it particularly sterile. But this is subjective of course. Of the 35mm lenses I've owned, which amounts to a paltry three pieces, I really find the Sony the most pleasing to the eye, with the Tamron SP 35/1.8 a strong second place. Anyhow, I've described the the FE 35/1.8 as somewhat "analogue" in rendering; it's sharp but not harsh.

But the problem here is that what competition there is is very strong. The much cheaper Samyang isn't a bad lens by any means, the Sigma looks good too and so on... The Sony does focus quick and close, though.