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Interesting. A viewpoint of the maker of 3D movies.
My father was a 3d photographer: Leica-3d-adapter, Verascope, Viewmaster, etc. He never adapted the red/green technic, he worked with either double slideviewers or a polafilter-projector.
The stereo effect was clearly visible, also for the family. But it stayed in the state of an effect, a demonstration of an optical illusion.
I have always suspected the difficult height standardization of the 2 slides as the cause of (light) headaches. But the argument in the article is, that it is a structural problem.


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I like some 3D and really enjoyed seeing Avatar in 3D, for example. I probably see 1-2 movies in 3D per year, and I generally pay the big bucks to travel to San Francisco to do it.

Last year:

Hubble 3D and Sun 3D (both were awesome, but there was a parallax problem with the Sun 3D for reasons explained here)
Avatar (again; we saw it in 3D twice)
Despicable Me (on my birthday because that's when it came out)
TRON: Legacy

Anyhow, no plans to see anything in 3D this year unless it's shot in 3D. Thor, perhaps.

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