Fuji 3rd Party x100 battery reco?


Happy Thursday,

Can anyone help me navigate third party x100 batteries on the market right now?

I've heard positive first-hand experiences with Promaster, but at $30 USD, seems awfully high for something that supposed to be competitive to on-brand batteries.

Then we've got:

Any advice?



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I think the Wasabi batteries are made from better stuff. Japanese cells and pixie dust, I think. :biggrin:

Seriously, they have a good reputation and I have had great luck with them for my Oly, GXR (think it is the exact same battery as the X100, btw) and Pentax. Good stuff and typically a longer run time than the originals. They cost a tad bit more... think they are $25 for 2 of them with a car/travel charger.


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I used Maximal Power, I get them from Amazon at $9.99...the are GREAT! They hold a charge better than OEM for me. I have them for my X100, X10 and LX5 - perfect! I also saw a post not long ago at Kirk Tuck's site where he mentioned them as well! Amazon.com: Maximal Power DB FUJ NP-95 Replacement Battery for Fuji Digital Camera/Camcorder: Camera & Photo

"Circling back to cameras for just a minute. I live in fear of being somewhere far from the studio and being caught with a dead battery in my camera. But every time I head to the camera store to buy spares I'm stunned by the prices that Olympus and Sony (and Nikon and Canon) want for their camera batteries. In desperation I tried some no name batteries I found on Amazon in my EP2 and EP3 and I was pleasantly surprised. The brand I've been buying is called, Maximal Power, and, at $10 a wack they are wonderful. No failures in two years...." The Visual Science Lab / Kirk Tuck: Ahhh. The sweet smell of desire.


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I'm not as adventuresome as StreetShooter; using a $3 battery in a $1200 camera is a non-starter for me. There was a thread here or on a companion website about a battery that swelled and stuck in some camera; that's my nightmare scenario.

Having said that, I've used Wasabi batteries in the past with Oly PEN and other cameras and had no problems.


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