Micro 4/3 40-150 Olympus lens


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Bruce, I don't have any experience with this lens - however, I'm sure some of the micro four thirds members will have some thoughts to share as they come on to the forum.


It's just like the 4/3 version which is to say that it is quite good. I ended up selling mine but it was not because of IQ but because I rarely used it.


I have the 4/3 40-150 and use it via the Oly adapter. I can say am really impressed by the IQ, especially sharpnes and contrast. There are days in wich I do not take it of the camera. Actually I like it's IQ more than that of the original 14-42 micro lens. According to me it has one real shortcoming - AF speed. It is sensibly slower than that of the original micro lenses. But if you like the 40-150 mm range and you don't mind the slower AF I think you will be quite happy with that lens. :)
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