43rd SC challenge - Splash! Winner announced!

OK everyone, this was a very close run affair. Loads of good entries. I find it hard to make my comments sound different!!
MiguelATF - great lighting, wonderful damp mood
drd1135 - I'm pleased to say the bathroom was never that bad!
kyteflyer - well captured, and I like the colour of the rock
Jock Elliott - lovely detail and light, full of energy
Aushiker - makes you fear the imminent crunch (and splash!)
davect01 - superb timing, although there is no splash shown, it's the first thing that comes to mind when you see this
Petach - classical shot, very well done
ricks - unusual crop, but effective
rayvonn - great atmosphere, I like the B/W treatment
grebeman - really good capture, well timed and composed
donlaw - wow, excellent detail, makes you want to run for cover!
Les Klein - well timed capture
Covey22 - another good anticipatory image, timed to perfection

So lots of good entries there but the one that really did it for me was davect01. There's so much to like about this. I noticed the relative calm of the pool and the pure kinetic energy of the girl plummeting towards it. You can really imagine that big splash as she hits the pool. And you wonder where is the girl coming from? Has she dropped out of the sky? All in all a good challenge, but well done Dave and over to you

So many lovely options, thanks for the win.
Now comes the hard part, choosing a topic and judging the entries.


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No argument from me, right choice! Makes my tummy turn over at the apparent speed of her fall into the water. Has real impact.....so, very well done!

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