47th Challenge - Panorama.


In camera pano mode from the TG-870

Another cropanorama

View attachment 131120Don't get crushed! by bartjeej, on Flickr

Unloading fishing boats in Mauritania can be dangerous. It's very crowded and chaotic, and every once in a while, a wave comes in and picks up one of the boats and shifts it a meter or two. If you get trapped underneath, that's probably it for you.
We like our cropanoramas! Nice shot, looks like a busy and dangerous life. We dont realise how easy we have it.


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Perth, Western Australia
Bill Shinnick
The 47th Challenge is now closed and I have been mulling over the 18 entries as they have been posted so I am ready with my feedback.

I judging I have taken a ‘generous’ interpretation of the technique used so a cropped single image competes on an even playing field with multi image stitch. I was looking for a balanced construction where the viewer is drawn to the content rather than the width - an image that works better because it is a pano (in one of its many forms).

Geometric distortions can be hard to manage so horizons may become convex and verticals tilt. There are in-software or post processing solutions to these problems and some images fare better than others.

I was also looking for even exposure which can become a problem in multi stitches. Please take any suggested critique for ‘improvements’ in the spirit they are offered,

In the order posted:-

rayvonn was first off the mark and chose a familiar landmark bridge in b&w. Well composed but with some geometry problems. A much photographed view like this sets a high standard for emulators.

donlaw gave us a spectacular mountain landscape that was nicely balanced. Also a common subject choice but Don’s image can compete with the best.

dougpayne chose an abandoned petrol station and used the wide aspect to capture the lines and draw the eye across the scene to the two arrows.

Lightmancer braved immersion to give us this immersive beach scene. Crystal water and inviting sand make for a relaxed image.

kyteflyer was the first to offer a cropped image and Sue’s sunset works better for it resulting in a good composition.

davect01 also went with a sunset - stitched this time to give a peaceful feeling but I might have cropped the sky to go a little wider and erased the waste bin.

MichaelT chose a twilight setting to give a soft impression of the lit pier and it worked.

theoldsmithy chose a rolling landscape with old ruined buildings. Martin’s b&w conversion and an intersting sky add to its appeal.

Petach went for the classical straight multi stitch which served the scene well. The image has loads of resolution best seen enlarged. Pete had some very slight geometry issues but not enough to spoil the image.

drd1135 chose a very relatable image topic. Steve’s office needed the wide view and I’m sure he knows just where everything is.

tonyturley gave us by far the most unusual stitch. Tony’s personal involvement with his project is a glimpse into the real stitching of aerial images. Watch out Google Earth.

michaelj brought us back down to earth with a building with added street art.

NoSeconds has kept us entertained daily all year but found time to give us a striking b&w stitch of outback ruins. There are some exposure variations and I might have dodged the second building to lift the shadows.

bartjeej chose to crop a scene of beached fishing boats bustling with busy people. I was reminded of a tapestry on viewing and found this a fascinating subject enhanced by the crop.

Jock Elliott continued to do what he does so well - skies. There is the barest amount of land which is just enough to anchor an amazing sky of clouds.

muzee chose another much-photographed part of our world with Niagara Falls. It is different in being a winter shot and is nicely stitched but it does have some geometry problems.

MiguelATF presents a strong and balanced pano of trucks on the highway. The division of the green foreground and blue sky by the line of trucks make this a simple but effective image.

ricks may be late to the party but has come in strong. I assume this is a mosaic (multi rows and columns) and it captures the tortured nature of the tree. The b&w conversion is well managed making for a powerful image.

Thanks to all 18 members who participated. Honourable Mentions go to Sue, Bill P, bart, Jock and ricks.

For me the winner is donlaw for a classically correct and beautifully captured mountain scene.

Don, congratulations and I hand on the baton for Challenge 48 to start 2018.


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Thanks Bill, strong images from all so I am sure the choice was hard.
Thanks to all who participated. I should mention that I do really enjoy these challenges.
I will return with a new theme as soon as we finish ringing in the new year here in Texas.