5 seconds and a thousand monuments.


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Went out the other day on a mission to try some long exposures using the filterthread free Panasonic 7-14mm. A member on the sister site recently posted a fairly simple and elegant solution to the filter issue so I headed out to a site that I'd never visited with a camera....the old Princes pier in Port Melbourne. The pier was built about a hundred years ago, was 580 meters long and being connected to the rail network served as an economic focal point for the city, during both World Wars it served as a loading point for the Navy and post WWII it was the gateway for many tens of thousands of European migrants.

The early years (courtesy of: We Are The Royals » A Pier For The People)


But with large scale European migration came expansion and economic boom, soon the pier was no longer able to service the cities requirements and was replaced with bigger, faster and more efficient infrastructure. For several decades the pier has been left unused by anyone other than fisherman, left unmaintained it became unstable and was partly demolished 10 years ago. The rail tracks and top deck were all stripped with heavy marine cranes and this is all that is left now....why these many hundreds of pillars were left I do not know, I can only guess, perhaps as a monument, perhaps as a sanctuary for aquatic life....more than likely though it was just too expensive to completely strip it all down to the last post.

EM5 + P7-14mm. 4 stop Hitech filter. 5s exposure @ iso200 f8


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