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Fuji Showcase 50-140@140 vs 90mm f2 cropped

Posting this as comparison for anyone debating between these two lenses. Or anyone who has the 90mm, but is considering the 50-140 for the extra reach and versatility.

I have a loaner 90mm f2 and recently used it on a shoot at a local venue. In 2017 I shot at the same venue with a 50-140. So I found shots with similar composition and cropped the 90mm shot to match up with the shot @140mm. Both shot on a X-Pro2. The cropped 90mm image was still a 13.95mb file. So it could still be printed quite large if wanted.

90mm@f2 iso8000 cropped
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50-140@140mm f2.8 iso10,000
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Jul 15, 2017
East Midlands, UK
Just re-spotted this one. Thanks for posting this @Bobby Tingle . I want something longer than my 56 and my options are 55-200, 50-140 or 90. I'm ruling the 50-140 out due to size and weight. I already have the 50-230 so don't really want another zoom in that range (though I may swap the 50-230 for a 55-200 at some point, to get an aperture ring). So it looks like the 90 is my next option
Aug 7, 2011
Jersey Shore
I have a 50-230 in my household. In my decision making, my get feeling tells me to get another 50-140. But my brain says to go with the 90mm to save weight and have the extra stop of aperture. And crop sometimes if needed. Plus use the 50-230 when I need a lot of reach.
Well, I don't see an issue with image quality when cropping with the 90mm - even at ISO 8000 in low light. If the 50-140 was 50-200 it might be one thing. But the 50mm stretch from 90 to 140mm in that short-to-mid-telephoto range can be managed with cropping.

Suggestion: I know you have a XC 50-230 in your household. But what about picking up a nice, gently used copy of the XF 55-200? Maximum aperture is f/4.8 at 200mm and it has OIS. And it's a lot lighter than the 50-140.

The 90mm is on sale now for $699 if you buy new. I'm sure you can get a used 55-200 for $500 or less.
@Biro a lot of the things I'll be shooting in have lighting which will be nearly prohibitive for the 55-200. Bands performing for example. So 2.8 would be the minimum. But I may grab one at some point as it is way better all around than the 50-230. And as we see here, the effects of cropping to make up the difference of up to 50mm is negligible to image quality.

The sales right now are killing me as I am not quite ready to commit. Fortunately, if I do go with the 90mm I will be buying my Dad's so I should get it at a great price. And I've probably used his 90 more than he has.

That would ultimately leave me with a 16-55/90 pairing. With an eventual switch from the 50-230 to the 55-200. And just maybe, re acquiring a 16mm 1.4 per my findings in my other thread.
Well, decision made - 90/2 arrives tomorrow. Thanks (again) @Bobby Tingle for helping me to spend money!
Spending other people’s money is what we’re best at. :biggrin: Seriously, congratulations on a great lens. I’m glad this could help in your decision process.

My dealer tells me the Fuji lens sale will continue until the end of March - with a likely extension to mid-April. I'll probably order the 90mm myself before then.
This will give me more time for my decision process. I didn’t want to make a rush decision. I’m attempting to put together a lens kit that I am settled with. And no more bouncing from lens to lens each year.

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