500px vs Flickr vs other free image sites?


Northern NH, USA
Flickr seems to be the better option for forum/blog embedding (easier tools), but as far as size of previews go, 500px is much better example 1, example 2 (those were actually taken with a cheap compact, came out pretty ok ;) )

What are you guys' thoughts on the two, and are there any other big ones I'm missing? I really like flickr's integration into lightroom and all of that, but it would be no real problem to do all my uploading to 500px via the web interface, at least until an export plugin comes around. Although 500px doesn't currently have a quick and easy BBcode embed option, I suppose you *can* use the HTML version here at least.


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Philly, Pa
You are right about both. I use Flickr to post to forums etc. I love the way 500 displays images. It's a growing site with an easy interface. I've met some good shooters there and chat with a few frequently. I like the activity there better than at Flickr.
Both have their place but I'm more interested in seeing 500 take off.