Fuji 50mm 1.0 size comparison


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No, not horrible... my thoughts for myself only are...do I need f/1?

I'll lead toward no. I used to own the MFT Mitakon Speedmaster f/0.95. Manual focus, rendered colors and contrast how I like it... but outside of testing it at 0.95, I think I had one situation where it made sense to use it that wide and even then, struggling with depth of field was an issue.

I'll surely enjoy looking at the images people produce with it, though. 😀
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Most of the places I shoot bands at get pretty dark, and/or have crap lighting. So every little bit helps there. Plus the AF on this thing should be amazing. Which will also help. Also, I found I prefer the 50mm focal length on Fuji more than 56mm when I had the 50 f2. I have the 56 now for the reasons I just listed about shooting bands.

A bigger downside for me would be me also buying the 50 f2 so I'm not lugging this thing around for day to day shooting when I wouldn't need the f1.

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