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Getting sick of hauling my D800 and requisite glass around, I took the plunge.
Everything has been great (list of toys below) but when I finally busted out the 55-200, it would not autofocus and the aperture ring has zero effect on anything.
I looked to see if I pushed forward the focus ring as has been mentioned on other Fuji lenses, but no such luck. Tried to update the firmware, but got an error message.
Any thoughts before this goes back to Amazon? Am I missing something?


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Don't think so. If you have the switches on it set right, you should have control. Since you have other lenses that work, that lets the camera out of the picture. I'd double check the switches on the barrel just to be sure. I've accidently moved mine even though they are stiff.

It sounds to me like you have an electronic failure either in the connection of the lens to the camera, or the lens electronics themselves. I have that lens and it's great -- send it back!

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