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Expired 5cm f2 Collapsible Summicron, CHEAP, heavy Cleaning Marks

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"cheap for a Leica Lens"...

For sale is a Leica 5cm F2 in Leica M-Mount, front element had heavy cleaning marks filled in with eye-glass repair kit, cosmetically EX+ condition. This lens was built out of parts left over from repairing another lens. The front element was almost opaque when I got it. I used a polishing sheet to take out the worst of the damage, and used an eye-glass repair kit to replace the coating. Focus is smooth, aperture is smooth.

You can use this lens as-is for soft-focus, low-contrast results. Use a hood with it. It would make a great portrait lens. Or, you could spend $200 to have the front element professionally polished and recoated.

Price: $150 shipped within the United States, $165 anywhere else via First Class International. $180 via International Priority Mail. Paypal, Personal Check, Money Order. ($5 discount for check/money order.) I reserve the right to hold shipment until check/MO clears. Return policy: returns must be made within 10 days, refund for the price of the item will be given after receipt. Postage cost is not refundable. Front cap and plastic rear cap included. I replaced the missing liner in the Leica metal cap, works well.

On the M8, Strong Backlit scene:
At F2

At F4:

Fence test at F2:

100% crop:

More pictures here:

Summicron-M 5cm F2 collapsible - SeriousCompacts.com Gallery

questions answered: a friend of mine assured me that the collapsible Summicron will collapse on an Leica M8. It does, I just verified this with mine. The Summicron 5cm f2 does not collapse very deep, and does not jam up on the light baffles. My collapsible Nikkor is the only lens that collapses less than the Summicron that I have. I would not try to collapse an Elmar 5cm or 9cm, but they do work well on the M8.

This lens is NOT "HOT": no original M-Mount lens used Thorium glass. My two LTM 5cm f2 Summicrons are Thorium glass. I have one that was sent to Focalpoint for polish and recoat- and it is like new.
Not open for further replies.