Fuji 6 Leica lenses tested on X-Pro1


Vancouver, BC
Thanks so much for taking the time to make and post these images. They help a lot in developing an understanding of how these lenses are likely to perform.

Regarding the tight fit for the adapter you mentioned, there's no need for removal to be a struggle. On the NEX I used a Hawk adapter which was left permanently mounted. Leica's own macro ring - a M to M 10mm thick adapter - is tight but still easier to take lenses off while still mounted on the camera than when off.

The maker ought to correct this. Hopefully Fujifilm's own adapter will be better out of the gate.

PS: I ran across your first set of tests of the CV15 on the FM forum; I did not realize you were from Ontario. Could you please ship some of your unusually warm weather to us here in British Columbia? Thanks.



Ontario, Canada
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Sorry I wasn't clear: I didn't run the tests. I just found the OP's blog and posted them here because I know some people are interested.

As for the weather, sorry - no way. We're keeping it.:biggrin:
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