Fuji 6000mAh OEM Fuji NP-W126 battery?!


Oct 10, 2014
Hi, all. While browsing our local specialised IT shops here yesterday, I chanced upon a few shops selling purportedly OEM Fuji batteries rated at 6000mAh battery for the X-A1!

Has anyone seen or used similar such high capacity ones? The shop assistant popped it into a HS35EXR and HS50EXR and showed it in action - and it fits the same into a X-M1 (took a few shots) too. But, I didn't buy it when I realised that it is 5 times more powerful than the standard 1260mAh Fujifilm battery and he made me uncomfortable. He claims it can last 5 times longer than the standard battery, and on the packaging it says "No memory effect". I didn't buy it in the end because the Sales guy was very pushy, dropped the price from a high $80 to $60 then $50 and I felt uncomfortable with the whole affair. But another shop that I glanced by also sold the same OEM battery from Japan.

May I confirm the existence of such OEM batteries truly exist (not a scam that it is rated at 6000mAh) and any possible side effects?

Many thanks in advance (I have 2 batteries, but I heard of people running around with 4 or 5 due to the battery life for extended shoots).


Oct 28, 2014
Toronto, Ontario
not much chance of 6ooo ma when the original is 1260ma. laws of physics and all. If the tech existed to hit that number everyone (Fuji included) would use it. The Fuji original btw would not be made by Fuji but contracted to a specification. the plant that makes them likely also makes the knockoffs that have similar specs (for example i have 1200 ma knockoffs and 1060 ma ones - the lower sold by a local shop the higher ordered in from a Chinese importer who has a Canadian shop in BC.)
sounds like they were just trying to pressure sell you, i just walk away from those guys, i can get the same stuff no pressure on ebay
I have 5 batteries BTW - but 2 bodies

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