Leica Showcase 7artisans 55mm f1.4 L-Mount

I had previously purchased this lens with a Fuji mount and have enjoyed some excellent images with it. I recently purchased the same lens but with an L mount. The first copy I received was problematic and I sent it back. The second copy that arrived a couple of days ago works fine on the Leica CL, (digital), although zooming in digitally to set a focus has to be done differently than if I was using a TL mount of M mount lens. The later with a Leica M to L adapter.
For reasons I have yet to grasp, focusing seems to be a bit more of a challenge with the lens on the CL than with the same lens but with a Fuji mount on a Fuji camera body.
Regardless, with this lens minimum focus distance is significantly improved over how close I can focus as compared to minimum focus distance with my 35mm f2.4 Summarit or even my 7a 35mm f2 m-mount.
Getting a strong accurate focus at any f-stop with a larger opening than f2 can be very challenging at best handheld. But still for $149. new, the images are quite strong.
'Thought I'd share a few.
. . . David





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