Leica 7artisans vs Leica - a battle between two 35mm f/1.4 lenses


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Apart from the 7a lens being too big (it probably shows in the viewfinder quite a bit), things are looking excellent for value-oriented buyers.

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I wish they'd redo the 7A 50mm f/1.1 lens with a clicked aperture ring. I wasn't fond of the click-less aperture and returned it. It was too easy to accidentally turn it while shooting and required gaffer taping it to my desired aperture setting, which was too cumbersome.
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The 50/1.1 also has geometric progression F-Stops, distance gets smaller between stops. This never bothered me, as most of my lenses work this way. Adding click stops would require that the radius of the lens be increased slightly. A spring-loaded ball-bearing or a flat spring riding on the grooves of the aperture for the click mechanism would have to be fitted.


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I've just seen the "guess the lens" article on DPreview comparing the 35mm F1.4 $430 7Artisans to the 35mm F1.4 $5,895 Summilux M. Hilariously, the 7Artisans renders better.

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