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Apr 22, 2012
I've got my Domke F-5XB. i refuse to carry a bigger bag. My camera gear must fit in this bag.

Thankfully, I didn't get bit by the bag bug. I found a good one, bought it and am done until it wears out. My preference is canvas or leather. I've never been attracted to the nylon or other synthetic bags.
Jan 31, 2011
Newcastle, Australia
As an Australian - from whence the Crumpler bags were born…..:crying:
….could be worse though. Lowepro - que Dieu nous aide.
Hey now. I have both. I hate the Crumpler. Its heavy, noisy, and doesnt have nearly as much space as was advertised. That is, it does... IF you *cram* everything into it. I use it as a storage thing for my DSLR stuff. I rarely want all that at once anymore so if I happen to want to use the K5, its only ever with a single lens and sometimes a long zoom... so thats what I take, and the Crumpler stays home with the rest of the gear. 6MDH. BAH!

The passport sling does the job reasonably well but lately its been feeling flimsy.


Jul 13, 2010
Sunny Frimley
I've had a few bags over the years but never found a good one. I recently bought a babies changing bag from Mammas & Pappas. It's plain matte black quilted and has a wide padded shoulder strap and lots of pockets inside and out. It also has a curved, zipped centre opening for easy retrieval of items. All I ask is a roomy bag with enough space to be able to change a lens inside the bag without fear of dirt or dropping said lens/camera!

john m flores

Aug 13, 2012
I just used my old LowePro Stealth Reporter AW400 today. It's a classic, old school box of a bag. No style at all and pretty big but a joy to work with. And nothing fell out of the closet when I opened the door!


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May 17, 2013
back in Crooklyn
looks like i'll be getting the 'kenti' from f-stop. it offers more than the 'espionage' from timbuk2. just the functionality of the whole bag is more along the lines of what i want out of a backpack.

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