Ricoh A big thumbs-up for my Ricoh GR


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Aug 13, 2011
Sunny Frimley
Bill Palmer
Now, bear with me while I explain.

When I go street shootin' with my trusty GR, I mount the extension tube GH-3 to give me something to grip and cradle. Whilst I have not felt the need for a thumb-rest thus far, I bought this one for my X-Pro the other day and didn't really like it (I now have a Lensmate on the way for that camera) This chap cost me (relative) pennies from Amazon so I just put it back in the box on the shelf.

While lying on a sunbed last week I thought "What if...", and this is the result. It fits, it rests against the Acmaxx screen which prevents it from mounting flush, but it is still a snug fit.I'll give it a proper try in the next couple of days, but it feels gooooood.

Oh, and my desk is pretty level, too...

Thumbs-up GR par Lightmancer, on ipernity


May 1, 2013
Niiiiiice. I still haven't given my Ricoh enough walk around time and I feel like selling it to put the money back into my Fuji system. Do you have the link for the thumb up grip?

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