a camera accessory wish (does this exist?)

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Hi all,
Some cameras for me work naturally best with a wrist strap. Others, I prefer to wear "tourist style" on a neckstrap. This style comes in especially handy when I'm walking the dogs. But connecting and disconnecting those standard straps is a royal pain in the you-know-what. Has some smart young entrepreneur created a simple quick release system that would interface between both types of straps and the camera lugs or do I have to go and invent my own thingy and then manufacture it as well?

Photos or links are most welcome.


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Basically you are talking this:

OP/TECH USA | Leading manufacturer of neoprene camera straps

Right there on the front page slide show:) I have an older and bulkier version, but of the same principle. You tie the ends to camera once, but between the camera end of the strap and the wrist or neck part of the strap there's a buckle which allows easy removal or replacement with a different type. Back then when I bought mine those were all-black only; now you can color your world with them also.

You can see it partly here, attached to my NEX, not really shot to show the strap, sorry:




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Kyle Krug

You might look at this company. I'm going to order one of these for the X Pro.

DSPTCH - Camera accessories, Camera strap, Wrist strap, Sling strap

Interesting. It looks like they are using the OP/TECH connectors on the wrist straps.

OP/TECH USA Mini QD Loop System Connectors

I picked up some of these with the intention of making paracord wrist and neck straps, but have been too lazy. Also, picked up a street strap that works okay for wrapping around your wrist or bandolier style. One of these days, I will do the para deal... I also like the idea of being able to swap easily.


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You can buy fastex buckles at most sewing stores. I wouldn't use the metal keychain connectors shown by another poster as they might scar the sides of the camera. The fastex buckles are plastic/polycarbonate and very strong.



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That's why I like the softness of the A+A neck straps. When I want to carry my M on my wrist then a couple of loop-the-loops around the old watch carrying zone and we are good to go. Pretty sturdy there too.

So I have one of these...

...but folks are doing similar (even doing the hand wrap) with the silk version, which is also purported to be niiiice.


Love my Gordy strap - but better for the weight of the X10 than the Leica M. For that volume, the A+A strap wrist wrapped is far more comfy.


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