A caution and a recommendation


I finally gave in and shelled out on a new laptop aqbout 6 weeks ago, a slightly pricey Samsung RF711, with a great spec and bags of disk space ... the first one had a weird colour cast that made blues and greys violetish and pinkish respectively ... Samsung support were hopeless ... Amazon took it back and sent another (in fact, they sent me another before I'd returned the first - Amazon's customer support is second to none) ... this one's screen was definitely better, but has its fan permanently on, so it's going back too ... in the meantime I'd a hankering for a new toy so bought a Spyder3Pro screen calibrator, and ran it on the Samsung .. lo and behold, it appears the screen is really fantastically out of whack, and just about every photograph I've processed in the past 6 weeks now looks weird ... so ...

Caution: Don't buy a Samsung RF711 laptop

Recommendation: Buy a Spyder3Pro


yeah, timing is everything ... the spyder was still on backorder when the first one went back
i have to say Samsung's support channel was awful too.

interestingly i ran the spyder against my 5 year old acer laptop (which the Samsung was replacing) and it was nearly perfect ...
Which Toshiba?


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Many laptops LCD panels are poor, though, so it's more "calibrated the best you can" than "calibrated properly"

I finally shelled out for a new IPS monitor (Dell U2311H). Though not top of the line, is relatively good. I posted my comments on the new monitor here: My New Monitor: Dell U2311H - Micro Four Thirds User Forum if it's of any interest.

Sorry about the QC issues on the laptop in general. It's great Amazon has such a wonderful return policy, but boy is it a pain to have to package a reship a purchase over and over again!


the really smart thing is that I just had to stick it back in the box and follow a link provided by amazon that walked me through printing a label and arranging a time for their courier to collect it from me ...

I have an aversion to bulky computers and have always been reasonably happy with a "good enough" laptop screen ... but it seems ridiculous that a company of Samsung's stature has such poor QC & QA ... still I expect there's a handful of Chniese factories knocking out similar chassis with different badges for all the brands, so quality across all brands might be a bit of a lottery ...