Micro 4/3 A cheap way to degrade an Zuiko lens


Yep, despite knowing better, I decided to cut the corner on a UV filter for my E-P3 kit zoom. It was only $10 - a third the price of a good brand. And it wasn't until summer that the folly of the choice became obvious. I started noticing odd flare and even reflections appearing in my photos ( at least they weren't funny white circles :rolleyes:).
So I did a quick test this afternoon and it was plain as the reflection in a mirror!

With cheapo filter on...

Filter off

Perhaps good for special effects?

So I will have to go out and get a proper multi-coated filter like I should have done in the first place - and get a lens hood as well just to be extra safe!


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When I bought the M Zuiko 17mm it came with two extremely nasty 37mm (same as 14-42 MkII) UV and Cir-PL filters, which basically gave the same results as above. Even the good filters can cause issues when a strong light source is within the frame.


I have been taking photographs for about 25 years and it did not happen a single time I would have needed a UV filter for protection. I don't know a single person who has needed one, either. Until recently I have been using such a filter on each of my lenses. I regret buying all those senseless filters, I could have bought several lenses instead. The protection of lens hoods is enough protection. By the way, front elements are very hard and don't get scratched easily. They are those lenses which are cheapest to be replaced, too.