A Christmas Tale


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Aug 13, 2011
Sunny Frimley
Bill Palmer

T'was Christmas day in the clubhouse, and the snappers were all agog,
For someone with no shred of taste had referred to them as "togs"
Confusion reigned among them and consternation too
(And some took photos of the scene, for that's just what they do)
Voices raised and fists were shook, as one man pointed out
That "togs" are rates of how much cold your duvet can keep out

Another man, an older sort, with Leica clutched in hand
Near dropped his Fogg as he stood up to address the muttering band
"In Britain" he began, "a TOG's a member of a club
'Terry's Old Geezers' - tweedy types who all smoke ready-rubbed
And tune their radios every day to the good old BBC
To an Irish DJ in a wig with whom they all agree"

The crowd recoiled in horror as the Leica man sat down
"A coinage just a bit too far!" Cried one and continued with a frown
"I blame the hipsters with their beards and stupid selfie-sticks
They've picked a name which makes us sound like photo-taking dicks"

The crowd agreed, and resolved right there that something must be done
A new name's needed one that's clear, appropriate and fun
"Oh no it's not" a new voice said, in a tone both calm and strong
"We don't need any stupid name to make out we belong"

They looked about and high and low to see just who had spoken
An elbow caught a tripod - and an iPhone screen was broken
A man in green stood on his own, his clothes all worn and dusty
A Contax was around his neck, it looked well-used and crusty

A cigarette hung from his lips, a glass was in his hand
A hush fell all around as he arose to face the band

"You miss the point," he said, "my friends, the name is not the thing
It's what you do that matters, it's how you make this sing"
He waved his camera overhead and took a swig of drink
"It's not a toy - it is a tool to help make people think

Use it daily, point it at the things that really matter
Ignore the critics and the ones that simply try to flatter
Make a difference, you can do it, every one and all
A single photo has the strength to make whole empires fall"

He tipped his glass and smiled, and faded back into the night
And all that heard his words were certain - he was completely right

"Who was that man? " said one in awe, addressing all the host
"That was no man," a wise man said, "that was old Capa's ghost..."
...and on that note, may I wish good light to all, and to all a good light.

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