A Late Season Rose...


BC, Canada
I went to a local rose garden this morning, the light was so nice…

The rose garden looked better this morning than I have seen it all summer, very strange. Maybe my eyes were just more 'open' today! :doh: :p

EX1 @ 24mm, 1/45th @ f3.9, ISO80, Handheld

Just wanted to share this one as well, even though it was taken with a DSLR! I enjoy finding abstracts like this in the petals of flowers...

a700 w/Tamron 60mm f2 DI, 1/80th @ f4, ISO160, Handheld

(Hopefully I will not be banned for posting an image from an SLR :blush:)


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Wow, Neil - first of all that EX1 macro is phenomenal! I feel as though I am right in there - the colors and textures look absolutely perfect.

As for your DSLR abstract - ye shall not be banned, but you've made me swoon with the intensity of those waves of beauty!


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Philly, Pa
Talk about a universal image......

Please don't post anymore great images like that from the EX...I am not interested in that camera....
BB, what's B&H's #?


BC, Canada
Thanks BB - I find using P&S cameras a little 'challenging' for close-up/macro work as the working distance is so small (the increased DOF is nice though). I actually am just waiting for a +5 achromat lens to come in the mail, using the lens at full tele with the +5 should make things much easier.

Streetshooter - You know you want it, it is a fun little shooter with surprisingly good IQ. :wink:

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