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Serious Compacts For Life
Dec 15, 2011
There was a recent thread on SeriousCompacts about using something like the X10 for macro instead of a dedicated macro lens on an ILC. Figured I'd do a quick and dirty demo of what the X10 can do on it's own and with a cheap 10X macro lens attachment. Too cold here for any bugs, so I shot a very boring penny. Hand held. No flash or special lighting.

First up is X10 in super macro mode, uncropped. Needs to be at 28mm in this mode, which can lead to some issues with blocking light, as the X10 will allow you to get very close to your subject:

View attachment 36

Here is that shot cropped to match the shot with the 10X lens:

View attachment 37

Here it is uncropped with the 10X macro lens attached:

View attachment 38

And the 10X version cropped:

View attachment 39

Nothing very good here when compared to what can be done with a macro lens; tripod; flash; etc., but for what it is -- a compact camera with a $24 macro attachment -- the results are OK and it is a fun diversion.

If anyone is interested, the macro attachment is from Opteka and fits the 52mm filter threads on the Fuji lens hood. B&H Link



Serious Compacts For Life
Dec 15, 2011
Anyone else doing some macro work with an X camera? Show us what you have...close-up!


Dec 8, 2011
Cotswolds, UK
Macro for flowers

I took this today in a local graveyard, used the macro setting on the X100 to get in close and isolate the flowers.


Lawrence A.

Hall of Famer
Nov 8, 2012
New Mexico
It's been a mild winter, and I see this hive active from time to time, but this guy, though alive, seemed a bit stunned by the cold. With the X10 -- super macro, but not super close.

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