Leica A little Pixii Dust sprinkled on the Leica Forum

The "forum formerly known as the Leica forum" is now the "Leica and Leica M, LTM, L, and R" forum.

The intent is to give a place where threads for any Leica camera lens AND any Camera and Lens using M-Mount, LTM, L, and R mount can be posted.

OR- "We sprinkled a little Pixii Dust" into the forum, and acknowledge all of the other Manufacturers that make Cameras and Lenses in Leica mount.
Voigtlander Bessa, Canon Rangefinders, Nicca/Tower, Leotax, Minolta M-Mount and LTM mount, Fed, Zorki, Yashica, and so many that I do not even own all of them.

I hope those using these cameras new and old like the change.