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despite googling, I'm still unclear what the filter thread is on my Canadian M-mount 35mm Summicron (Type III) ... I have a perfectly good 46mm polariser that fits three of my other lenses, so I'd like to get a stepping-ring so I can use it on the Summicron as well ... (I use it adapted on on my E-P2)

... can one of the Leicaists please advise?

thanks in advance


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come in Brian (S) for the definitive answer - (not that others won't know - but if I did I have forgotten) - you could always ask "the gods" on the RF forum
My Summaron used 39mm filters as well, I do not have the V3 Summicron but found this:

Leica 35mm Summicron Price and Information Guide

Which indicates 39mm filters. There is a statement about "Series VII" filters, which does not sound quite right. (EDIT: This statement is correct, applies to a small early batch without threads, used a filter holder built into the hood) Series VII is greater than 50mm in diameter, I use them with my Nikkor 8.5cm f2.

I believe the thread pitch is standard: I can use my Nikon 39mm filters designed for Rear Mounting on the Reflex-Nikkors with the Leica 50mm Summicrons.
I found the explanation for the Series VII filter reference, as per Lager: a small batch of Summicron V3 lenses were completed without filter threads, and used a Lens Hood for filters. The Lens Hood was designed for Series VII filters. This is like my Nikkor 8.5cm f2, the hood has a built in holder for the filters.

SO: if your lens has threads -most likely-, they are for standard 39mm filters. No threads: collectors item?


Thanks everybody.
yes, a lovely lens, though for the aficionados I believe my version is the least desirable (which is why I could afford it ...)
Sadly, I do not have a collector's item ...


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Nor do you need to apologize for not having a collector's item though I know I always feel almost embarrassed that I have the cheaper stuff when so many people on forums seem to be able to acquire a LOT more. I guess it's where you weight the importance in your life.. or maybe you just have a lot of cash to spend LOL


I'm not apologising Kirsten, I'm sad ... a collector's Summicron 35mm would pay the rent for a few months ...
The fun part of collecting- kind of like getting a rare coin in your change. Walk into a "second hand store" and find a couple of Leica's or a Nikon M for $15 and $30. Pick up a Lens on Ebay and find out later that it was from a test batch at the factory. Keep it long enough, it's collectible. And better yet, you can take pictures with collectible lenses and cameras. After a while, it becomes a self-sustaining hobby. Sell off stuff to pick up something else. I bought the M9 and a pair of Noktons by selling off stuff. The real investment is more time and effort.


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While some gear, I agree, is better quality, it's really not several thousand dollars better. I'm sure you can find close for a lot less. I did an insurance evaluation today on my DSLR gear, a new pelican case, a new laptop and the new G12. You know.. I could not even buy a leica body with it and I have a LOT of gear, all Canon. Then again you know I can't justify really expensive cars either. I have this idea of value in my mind and branding just doesn't sway it. All I can say is save if you really want it. If you have the fortitude to keep saving until you can get it then you really do want it. If you bail because it's taking to long, maybe you really didn't want it. And maybe you won't be sad realizing that. :)
The main reason that I shoot Leica is to use lenses from the last 80 years. I have lenses as old as 1931 that work with the Leica Digital cameras as they were designed- RF coupled and full-frame. Right now, the M9 has a 75 year old Zeiss Sonnar on it. For film cameras, I tend to use my Leica mount lenses on a Canon P more than the M3. Picked up the Canon P in a trade for a lens that cost me $60 in parts, I made it into Leica mount. 45 minute job. That lens later sold for $350 on RFF when the new owner passed it on. With camera collecting, it used to be a relatively inexpensive hobby. Prices for vintage gear have skyrocketed, and 40 years of picking up stuff "cheap" offset the high cost of the M9. Picking up stuff that needs work, being able to do amateur repair, helps keep cost down. Some hobbies can be money-pits, others can be self-sustaining.

On the original question, looking for 39mm to 46mm Step-Up rings: A search of Ebay sellers turned up Adorama in the US.


Odd: I use a 40.5mm to 46mm Step-up, they are plentiful. And 39->49 are plentiful. 39->46 would seem like a popular item, I am surprised that S&W or another Chinese company does not make them. I use several S&W step-up rings for some odd-sized lenses, like a 40mm->43mm Step-up for the Canon RF lenses. These work well, and were ~$3 each shipped. The 39~46 from Adorama will run more, as the shipping is added in.


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Now that is cool Brian. My Minoltas are LTM and I did recently get a Leitz 50mm 2.0 Summar from someone though the other lenses are Minolta. But you are talking later Leica mt. If I got one.. I think I would want the M3 with the 50mm DR Summicron. Love that close up option. We'll see how I do after all this lugging camera equip on vacation.. I might want to reduce to more portable. The only thing is that is film.

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