A little time-lapse math

Jock Elliott

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Troy, NY
Fooling around withe time lapse function on the Panasonic LX100, I have noticed that TL sequence of 200 shots at 4 second intervals takes 13 minutes to shoot and produces 7 seconds of video.

If I were to try to produce a time lapse video similar to my first youtube video --
-- which is 3 minutes, 51 seconds long with TL footage instead of still photographs, it would take 6600 exposures and a little over 7 hours to shoot, assuming everything goes perfectly.

Some time ago, I saw a wonderful 12-minute TL video of clouds and storms done by a photographer who said that 100,000 images went into the making of it, and, if I remember correctly, virtually all of his shots involved some sort of camera movement during the time lapse sequences. Wow!

Cheers, Jock

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