Challenge! A 'Lo-FI' A Day Challenge


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DistressedFX again


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Shot from the restaurant at the top of Australia Square in 2005, I was lunching with an old school friend I'd not seen for 30+ years. The view is of Sydney Harbour (minus the bridge) looking toward the heads.. in the foreground, the botanical gardens, and (I think) the art gallery, or perhaps its the museum. The photo was shot with the old Olympus C760uz, 3.1Mp, and quickly run through Nik's AnalogFX (Vintage Camera 7).


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I like to think of it more as a love of style over substance. Lo-fi and older cameras just remind me that photography is about the image and not the sterile perfection of the current and modern technology and gear. When I go for a lo-fi image, I know it’s not going to be technically perfect, there’s going to be imperfections. And I’m OK with that. But what that leaves me with is that I must come up with a compelling composition, a great subject.
I use two camera brands, Sony and Fuji. I use Sony because of its clinical superiority. I use the Fuji because I love it.


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Ahhhh with you now. No, I’m just tired, not much going on upstairs in my brain today, nor yesterday, the day before that and so on.

I'm afraid the same problem (a slowing-down of measurable activity among my few surviving functioning neurons) has been affecting me too, Karen...and for longer than a few days.

Fortunately, there is (apparently) a short-term cure: simply gulp down several pills of Vitamin Br (short for Brain), preferably along with a good pint of ale, and the salubrious results can be seen in the following photograph--


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